Thursday, June 17, 2021

Changes and Updates


Ok, so it’s been a while to add a chapter to Wattpad Works-in-Progress. The business of promoting and having an internet presence demands consistent content uploading; the artist process demands or rather tends to get distracted and meanders from one creative endeavor to another. 

Meandering took me from redesigning font/lettering layout of covers, drawing characters, deciding if I should have two Wattpad pages or one depending on maturity level. Then, there was cursing an old computer to learning how to do it all on the iPad Air, to family time, to watching movies, to putting in a garden and battling critters eating it. You get the point. 

So, chapter 6 of Honey Apiary is up on the second Wattpad account under the A.E.Keyes penname which will hold more mature content that has violence and not-behind-closed-doors sex.

Wattpad allows readers to comment and suggest edits. I welcome comments there and here. 

    What do you want to read? 

    Where do you want to see the story go?

    What cover changes would you make?

    How many typo grammar errors have I made? 

Links to all sorts of creative endeavors on the Tentacle Ties page

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