Saturday, September 24, 2016

Cover Reveal - Den of Antiquity

When one thinks of a den, one tends to think of comfort. A cozy room in the house—a quiet, comfortable place, a room for conversation, reading, or writing. One doesn’t tend to think of high adventure, dragons, vampires, airships, or paranormal creatures. And yet, that’s just what you’ll find in these pages. Stories of adventure and mystery! Paranormal, dark, and atmospheric tales! The fantastical and the imaginative, the dystopian and post-apocalyptic, and everything in between!

So settle into the coziest room in your house, plop down into your favorite armchair, and dive into the Den of Antiquity.

Brass and Coal, by Jack Tyler
An Evening at the Marlon Club as Told by Dr. Horatio Boyle, by Kate Philbrick
Dragon's Breath, by E.C. Jarvis
The Reluctant Vampire, by Neale Green
The Complications of Avery Vane, by Bryce Raffle
Hark! Hark! by N.O.A. Rawle
The Jackalope Bandit, by David Lee Summers
After The Catastrophe: The Lady Of Castle Rock, by Steve Moore
When The Tomb Breaks, by William J. Jackson
All That Glitters, by Karen J Carlisle
Yggdrasil's Triumphant Return, by Alice E. Keyes
After The Crash, by B.A. Sinclair


  1. Comfort? Cosy? For me, it was always the building of the den that was the adventure! A lost art it would seem amongst much of the youth today. They play Minecraft... we lived it!

    Glad to see you in a collection, Alice. I'm interested in reading 'Yggdrasil's Triumphant Return' after having read the previous flash you posted within these pages. Great.

    1. Yggdrasil is an enjoyable character for me to explore and her adventures are fun to imagine. I have a couple more sitting in my head. I'm trying to finish my novels though the flash fiction/ short stories grab my attention to write even if I rush them in their telling.

  2. A den as a place of comfort. True. Unless it's a den of iniquity. ;)

    Echoing Crispian, glad to see you have a story in the collection. Looking forward to this!

  3. Congratulation on being in the collection, Alice :-)
    I love your title

  4. Congratulation on being in the collection, Alice :-)
    I love your title