About Me

I believe this is a photo of my grandmother. It is from an old album and I just like the feel of it.

Alice E. Keyes is a pen name and I just like it. Having a pen name has helped me separate my writing life from daily life, especially, when it comes to social media. It feels all very organized and neat. 

I am an artist that hasn't 'done art' in a long time. Writing has not come easily to me. I took a writing course in college and should have dropped it the first day. The assistant professor introduced the course by saying he did not like women writers and was prejudice against their writing. He instructed when you hand in your work put your name in the upper right hand corner and bend it over so I can't see your name. After writing my first short story, I dropped the class feeling like writing would never be a creative outlet for me. I know realize it was him that had major problems and I do have a voice in the creative word world. 

The stories I write have bicycles, H.A.G.s (Hermetic Aphrodite Guild), and hopefully some subtle humor in them. 

My daily life is about keeping up or ignoring the mundane; my writing life is about creating a world the reader hasn't encountered, yet.

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