Sunday, September 6, 2015

8 Sentence Sunday September 6, 2015

Oops, this excerpt is nine sentences. I couldn't resist putting in the last sentence. The women of the Hermetic Aphrodite Guild do not put curses on people.   

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"You are a H.A.G. I have never meet a H.A.G. How many curses have you inflicted on a person?" asked a young woman.
   Heather closed her journal and resisted the urge to point a finger at the girl. "Where were you raised and by whom? You have no manners. Someone should have told you wandering in the woods is a dangerous occupation. If you must wonder and you see something unusual then you should leave the area immediately. Do you not know the story of the stupid girl who wondered right through a field of odd orange ferns and was turned into a Boar?"
     "Are you cursing me now?"


  1. Ah, Alice, I'm happy you left that last line. It's just priceless!!!! :-)

  2. Thanks, sometimes the 9th sentence says it all.

  3. I think you're right. The last sentence rounds it off very nicely. Great scene. When will the book be released by the way?