Yggdrasil and Nanna Tale -100 word flashfiction

“Nanna?” asks Yggdrasil. A flash of orange, black, and steam zoom past her.
The blur stops. Nanna turns and pedals to Yggdrasil.
“It’s the latest bike. A small steam motor aides your own peddling. It’s fast.”
“Orange and black are a bit garish for you, Nanna.”
“The color clashes with my red riding gear, but the Screaming Viking’s only color is orange.”
“I’m wearing orange. I want a go on it.”
“Sharing and peddling produces joy. I regret; I must say no.” 
She kicks the dirt remembering the thrill of pedaling Nanna’s last bicycle.
Yggdrasil screams, “That wasn’t my fault.”

Flash Fiction challenge -terriblemindsflash-100-words-only

And I used the previous weeks prompt -terriblemind-random-cocktail-challenge


  1. Neat, Alice! Playfulness and lots of tension too. Good mix going on here.

  2. LOVE the first two sentences!!!
    Am charmed by the story.
    (I must learn from Nanna)