Captain Hank Myer II

With my mind made up to rescue the demon girl, I assessed the situation as my airship force training had taught me. There were three against me and the girl who didn't know me and I was dressed as one of the men who would have attacked her if she hadn't passed out from a bloody nose. She might be terrified by me and not understand that I am rescuing her. In my jacket breast pocket, a stun gun, barely charged, sat because Rock and Cross issued it to me. My pants pocket held a pen. Brut force was my only real weapon.

scream echoes, a breath, and another scream and another. 

Desperate for some type of weapon besides my hands, I searched the labEverything seemed small and delicate. Silence fell on the lab. It was harder to handle than the screams. What have they done to her? Is she bleeding again? Her face flashed across my mind and though he had only been with her for minutes her intense eyes would never leave his mind. Her strength and beauty was seared into his soul. 

He found a heavy metal foot long canister. It would do and would serve the purpose of taking out the brute that held the spider. The Brut being his biggest concern. 

He runs to the cell and stops to listen. Silence and a shuffling of feet are the only sounds. With his hand on the door knob, he turns it and is thankful it isn't locked. He burst in ready for the fight.  

Finding his first target as he enters, he hits the brute's head with the canister. The metal twang is satisfying as the hulking man slumps to the ground. He hopes the other two are as easy. Shifting the canister, he grasps the handle and backhand swings it across the woman's head but doesn't make impact as she sidesteps the blow. He catches sight of the spider with its neon front leg at the demon girl's neck which distracts him. 

The woman comes at him with a scalpel. He ducks away and comes back swinging the canister across her head. With another twanging sound, she is knocked out.  

The small guy is behind the bed and his hands go up with a plea for him to stop, "Jack won't stop now. I shouldn't let you take her because..." 

The thug started to moan and her rescuer didn't want to deal with him again. He drops the canister, pulls his pen knife, and snaps it open. Using its blade, he flicks the spider from under its belly and up. The spider flies off but leaves two neon legs still attached to the girl; one on her neck and the other at her chest. 

The demon girl grimaces as he does this, but she doesn't move. She answers his question before he can form the thought. 

"They drug me, I'm paralyzed. Please, get me out of here."  

Before this sentence is out of her mouth, he reaches under her legs and around her shoulders and lifted her off the bed. She was remarkable light for her six foot two inch frame. The spider legs sticking out of her would be dealt with once they were safe. 

He headed for the stair well and bounded down three flights of stairs in silence

She said breaking the silence, "I can feel the needles from the spider legs."  

He stopped and a tear escaped her eye and rolled down her cheek. His movements were causing her pain

"What can I do?" he asked. 

"I don't know but the paralysing drug is wearing off." 


"Yeah, maybe I can walk in a moment and you won't have to carry me." 

"Your light, I mean, I thought you would be hard to carry, but its like you're a bird." 

"You never been around a half breed demon befor?"  

But before she could explain that the demon side of her created an aether effect on the human cells and made her six foot two inch frame buoyant instead of weight in his arms, a stairwell door opened and shuts. He scooped her up again and continued down the stairs. He would get her to safety before they dealt with  her pain, her paralysis, the spider leg needles, and learning about her demon blood.

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