"Wake her!" I hear and I am conscience, but keep my eyes shut frightened by what I will see when I open them. I was on a skyscraper roof with blood gushing from my nose and then black spots formed in front of my eyes. That was it. 

A sharp prick stings my elbow and cool liquid goes into my vein. I jolt upright and my eyes pop open without me wanting to do so. 

"Hello, demon and lay back down, please," said the man next to me holding a needle. I lay back down. On the other side of the bed stands a woman in a white lab coat with her arms crossing her chest. Her arms are folded in front of her and she taps a pen on her arm. 

"Time for Jack, Dr. Falbrit?" asked the tall well built bald man to her right. 

"Of course, Mult," she said. 

As Mult comes closer with a clear box, a spider the size of the palm of my hand peers out of it. It's neon green back is metal but the hairs on its legs are real. I am not getting what is happening as my mind, in vain, tries to understand the passage from the roof to seeing people in lab coats. 

Mult opens the lid to the box. "Meal, Jack," he said as if the spider were a dog and he had commanded him to sit. The spider takes slow steps and its legs rest on the edges of the box

It leaped on my chest. I scream and scream again. My body is rigid though I want to do something to get the spider off me. Blood starts to flow out of my nose

"Stop the blood! Don't let her move," commands Doctor Falbrit.  

The spider sits on my chest staring at me with its eight eyes. I continue to screaming. 

"Shut up, demon," said the man who still had a needle in his hand. "I'm stopping your bloody nose." 

stop mid-scream and clamp my mouth shut and swallow the blood

"First, I'll cauterize the vein which keeps popping and with a nifty injection, it will be healed permanently. Don't move. You wouldn't want me to get your eye instead." The spider was still standing on my chest

"Why can't I move my body?"I asked as he retrieve a laser cauterizing tool out of a panel in the wall

"The first injection woke you and paralyzed your muscles from the neck down. No worries. It's not permanent."

"Stop chatting with the demon and get on with it. Jack needs to get to its job," said the Doctor.  

He moved quickly and stopped the bleeding with the laser cauterizer which I had experienced before in hopes of stopping my constant nose bleeds. I didn't see that after the laser cauterizer he pulled out a three inched needled syringe from the wall. My focus watched the spider and I wondered at its purpose. 

"This procedure will pinch and sting..." said the man. 

"Oh, for God's sake. She's a demon who cares if she hurts her or not," said Doctor Falbrit. 

I muffled a scream, my only defense at the moment when the needle came towards my nose. Yes, I definitely didn't want him missing and sticking me in the eye. The needle pricked my skin at the tip of my nose which I felt but then nothing. In the time, it took for him to push the fine needle up along the bridge of my nose was one of the longest moments I have ever experienced. 

He turned his face away from the doctor and whispered to me as he work. "This will alter and strengthen the vessel cells in your nose. It works on your human cells and will prevent the nervous blood release your demon cells cause." 

Once the needle reached the bridge of my nose, he pulled it out slowly while pushing down the syringe releasing the liquid along the bridgeThe liquid was cool and my eyes started to water from the sensation. 

"This is the only procedure you'll have without pain," said Mult

When the needle was free from my face, Mult said, "Jack, do it."  

The spider went into action. It's skin was black, hairy, and real, though the mechanical parts were neon green. The two front legs started to move which were neon green. One lengthened toward my neck while the other placed its tip above my heart. The man who fixed my nose mouthed, "Don't scream." 

It took every fiber not to scream, but I didn't.  A pinching prick was at my neck and on my chest when the spider touched the two spots. The Doctor's face seemed to glow with the joy a child has when they received a new toy and get to play with it. Her new toy was me.

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