Thursday, May 28, 2015

Miss Winsome; Published This Summer.

It has a been long process, but I'm finally see that I will hit my goal this summer. I will publish the first of three novellas about Miss Winsome and her adventures in Yellowstone National park. I have read countless articles about writing and have attended and read about self publishing. The time has come for the final push. The planned goal is to have the first Miss Winsome book published late July or early August. I'm starting to have the winning feeling.

Here is another excerpt from Miss Winsome's first adventure:

Mr Tittle parked his bike to near Miss Millstone’s fire for her taste and the last blast of steam brought the stench of coal to her nose. “You should have parked that thing away from my camp. You better have something good to tell me. What destruction of nature are the scientific society students doing?”
“I saw no destruction of even a leaf.” Mr Tittle squatted next to her smouldering fire and poured black tea from the kettle. “Tea, I thought it would be coffee.”
“I hate coffee. Tell me what you’ve discovered if anything.” She stood above him for a moment and then sat across from him.
“I couldn’t stand hanging around Miss Winsome and her friends-”
“Wait, the girl that I had dangling from the Persephone’s ladder is named Miss Winsome?”
“Yes, Miss Evelyn Winsome. Her and her friends weren’t doing anything interesting, just playing around with science stuff.”
While Mr Tittle talked, Miss Millstone retrieved a stack of papers and newspaper articles. She tried to keep track of socialites who were connected to National Parks or any western land moguls who were all about development of her western wilderness.
“What’s all that stuff?” asked Mr Tittle as he took a sip of his too dark tea.
“Nothing important to you.  Tell me what you did discover. You have found something for me, right?”
He nodded though she didn’t see having her nose buried in the papers. She knew she had seen the sir name Winsome in one of her collected articles.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Miss Winsome Snippet - Villian

Not noticed by Miss Winsome nor the other passengers, an aether lite aircraft, a woman, and two men waited oNot noticed by Miss Winsome nor the other passengers, an aether lite aircraft, a woman, and two men waited on the ground to spot the Persephone. 
John Tittle arrived moments ago to inform Miss Lucy Millstone that on this trip, the blue and brass airship did indeed contain Governor Roosevelt. Miss Millstone was surprise to be informed that the governor had only one female companion instead of two, but thankfully Mr Tittle remembered to take note of the color and style of her clothes.
“Miss Millstone, look to your right. It’s there.” John Tittle’s brother, Jeff, pointed to the Persephone.
“All right boys, operation Aether to Terra Luddites saving Old Faithful from the socialites commence,” Miss Millstone climbed into the aether lite and Jeff spun the front propeller which sent sound vibrations along the  sides of the craft. The propeller also was a stabilizing factor to the light aircraft.
When Miss Millstone was on her way, the brothers took off on their identical red Mick Metz steamo'cycles. They didn’t want to miss the show when Miss Millstone messed with the Persephone.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

terrible minds flash fiction challenge

This week was an unusual flash fiction challenge of using google or another search engine to create fiction. Here is the challenge as stated by Chuck Wendig.

I found the process to be more like revealing a strange bit of poetry. In reading other search engine stories, it is like delving into how the brain works; some seem predictable while others are surprising and others funny.

Go to Link above to see others.

Here is mine:

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