Saturday, February 21, 2015

Miss Winsome and the Scientific Society - 8 sentence snippet #5

#8sunday Weekend Writing Warriors

...He pull up two hooks and attached the ladder. Miss Winsome's heart started to race with his every move and at the prospect of climbing down at such a height. Her face went white when the boy dropped the ladder through the hole. 
Her uncle's voice boomed from across the cabin
"When I traveled to India on the airship, Horus, there was no landing dock either. A similar hole was opened up, but instead of an accommodating ladder, a rope with knots tied into it at every foot was thrown down. It didn't reach the ground and as you climbed down you swung to and fro. I was Tarzan swinging in the jungle," he laugh when he finished his story.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Miss Winsome and the Scientific Society

Another 8 for Weekend Writing Warriors. Check out other 8s at the link below.
"Look!" said Miss Randolf. "A flappy airbike."
The students and Miss Winsome stared at where she pointed and below the Persephone, a man peddled a bike with wings. The pilot would stop peddling periodically and puffs of steam floated behind him. He worked at keeping the craft aloft being overly burdened with photography equipment. The flappy airbike became entertainment as it disappeared from view and caught up when the pilot increased his pedaling effort.  
When the flappy airbike came back into view, Miss Randolf would announce his return, "He caught up to us again."

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Miss Winsome and the Scientific Society - a steampunk dime store novel

Weekend Writing Warriors #8sunday  

     "I arrived yesterday and was sadly informed about your train delay. I was looking forward to having dinner with you and your uncle. He is quite an interesting gentleman," said Lord Aselbury.
     "I enjoyed his company," said Miss Winsome as she returned her attention out the window. Below, she spotted pools of sapphire blue. "Ohh, that is blue."  
     Lord Aselbury handed her a pair of brass opera glasses. "I thought these might be quite useful on the air ship. I'll will make a note to tell the captain that several pair on board would be quite handy, don't you quite agree." 
     Miss Winsome took the glasses and thought that his use of quite had already become tiring. Looking through the glasses at the the sapphire blue pool. She exclaimed, in mockery, "The color is quite remarkable of those quite intriguing pools."  
     It didn't come off as well as she planned but Miss Randolph snickered behind her. Lord Aselbury was not impeded whatsoever.