Captain Hank Myer

Captain Hank Myer  

terrible minds flash fiction A Forbidden Tryst, A Lost Comic Book, A Spider

A demon girl, a bloody demon girl, a bloody beautiful demon girl laying at my feet unconscious and I, along with the five other black-suited men surrounded her, am supposed to take her for scientific experiments. 

Last year, the Rock and Cross Science group hired me. My recruitment consisted of a man approaching me after the graduation ceremony from the skyship academy and telling me my first-year wage and benefits. If I had known a portion of my job would be to manhandle poor unfortunate half demon/half human creatures, I would have settled for working my way up in another company with a skyship fleet or entered Skyship Force. Most of my peers entered Skyship Force. 

"I'll keep the rag to her nose so she doesn't bleed to death while someone else carries her," I said, taking charge and wanting to be the one handling her head because the others won't be gentle. I cradled her head with one hand and held the already blood soaked rag to her nose. I couldn't tell that she was part demon by looking at her delicate face and fiery red hair.  

The set of pure defiance in her jaw she gave us when she descended the ladder from the pirate skyship she'd been kicked off and betrayed by danced in my mind. If she hadn't passed out, she would have fought us.  

The sight of blood streaming from her nose when she leveled her head to face us wrenched at my heart. Her manner spoke of everything I lost by taking this overpaid private pilot and henchman job. Damn, I wish the money wasn't so good. I thought about quitting daily until I fly to a foreign land and sleep in a top notch hotel then I tell myself I will quit next week.  

The other men were like drones. They rarely spoke and didn't interact with me. The other two times I did this duty, the demons were boys in their early twenties. Rock and Cross paid large sums of money to skyship pirate captains for half-breeds demons. Since the first boy, I researched into the medical and scientific divisions of Rock and Cross though of course everything out for the public was all about how they helped the everyday person. I couldn't find anything that even intrigued me. 

We descended the stairs and, fortunately, the holding cells were on the top floor and down the hall from the labs. If I had to carry her further, the tugging at my heart would be hard to ignore. I'd run away with her and protect her from these scientists. With the company looking so glossy to the public, the nature of the experiment couldn't be good.  

The boys, after I place them in their cells, haunted me when I flew. Flying skyships had been pure joy from the moment I took command of the wheel on my father's ship. Now, the exhilaration of flying Rock and Cross's top of the line ships came with regret and guilt. The joy left me when the stares of hatred from the boys bored into me. 

The girl demon was to be placed in cell number six. Once she lay on the bed, the other men left, but I still held the rag to her nose. I was about to check to see if the bleeding stopped when her eyes opened and her head lifted. The rag fell to the ground. 

"Hi," I said. 

"My comic book. Where. I lost it?" she said and then her head flopped to the side. She passed out again. 

The bleeding had stopped and I should have left but couldn't. Her vulnerability of being unconscious, her determined stance when she momentarily faced six men, and my attraction to her kept me from leaving.  

From the stories, I was feed about demons, I assumed they were hideous dangerous creatures. The three demons I put into cells didn't appear different from me and she was beautiful. I grabbed a wad of toilet paper and wetted it from the fixtures in the room, and cleaned her face off the blood.  

Her red lips stood out from her creamy complexion. The temptation to touch my lips to hers became a desire. I bent my face towards hers.  

"Miss," I said an inch away from touching her lips with mine. At the moment my lips grazed hers, footsteps started to come down the hall. I stood and two men and one woman entered the room.  

"You should be gone," said the woman with a stern I-dare-you-to-defy-me glare.  

"She's unconscious and her nose was bleeding," I spit out as an explanation though I don't think they wanted one.  

"Leave, now," commanded the woman. The bald man behind the woman had a clear box held between his hands. I looked at it as I passed by it. A black and neon green spider the size of a len in my airship goggles scurried within its container. I walked out. 

My hand reached out to turn the knob and head down the hall to the elevators. I was scheduled to fly Rock and Cross Skyship One to Belarus in one hour. One hour gave me enough time to pack a bag and get to the ship. Pulling my hand back, I turned and stared at the lab's machines. The demon girl would not be left in the hands of the Rock and Cross scientists.

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