Thursday, February 2, 2017


This week's terribleminds challenge.


I went to town yesterday to get more eggs. Amber seems to like the eggs I fix her for breakfast and today I’m making an omelet with Desmine’s goat cheese. Everyone came up to me with questions about Amber. I just kept saying, “I don’t know.”

I do know she's the one who gave me and my friends this life instead of the hell that is happening. As least, that is what has been reported to us. That hell took over the streets of the cities.

It must be hell because every time I look into Amber’s eyes all I see is nothing. There used to be light, intelligence, playfulness, knowledge and maybe a little love for me. The last desperate look and knowledge I tried to gain from looking into her eyes in the city before the end, I also saw fear with a titch of rebellion. Ha, how can one see all of that in someone else’s eyes without talking to them? Her eyes spoke to me the first time I saw them. The slight quick blink and then the direct look into my eyes wrote volumes about her, her thoughts, and her knowledge.

I want to shake her to bring something of her back to me. Here she is and nothing. I ache for some sign that she is still somewhere in there.

She is sitting and staring out the window. I bring the omelet to her.

“Good morning, Amber.” I hold the plate out to her. She takes it.

“Thank you, Wolfeite. I appreciate your kindness.” This is the exact thing she says to me no matter what I give her. I sit next to her.

“Do you like goat cheese?” I want to have some kind of conversation with her.

“Yes, this is very good.”

“Why are you here, Amber?”

I wait as she takes another bite and chews. I wonder if she counts bites because it seems to take the same amount of time for each bit. She swallows, her head turns toward me and her dead eyes stare into mine.

She looks out the window again and speaks. “I rebelled.”

I wait for more words and watch her eat. Finally, I push and hope for an answer. “How, Amber? Speak to me, please. Tell me.”

I sit through two more bites.There is not much left on the plate.

The words leave her lips slowly. “I left, after. I lit fire to our work, to the papers, and to the servers. Everywhere I went, people were…. I tried to help some. Then, I looted the pharmacy and now, I’m here.”

Amber got up and took the plate to the kitchen. She ate the last bit of omelet quickly. “Wolfeite?”

“Yes?” Before I put the ‘s’ to my one-word question, I am standing in front of her. I wanted to look into her eyes. Hoping they would convey everything she hadn’t said.

“I want to rebel more.”  Her lids close slowly and open. Now, she looks at me and her eyes speak of hate and hell and fury and she lets out a breath. I glimpse determination and a little bit of love for me in her blue-green eyes.


  1. I like how defiance/rebellion is epitomised in a single character, how she comes to embody it and want to embrace it.

  2. It's been a while, but I'm s-l-o-w-l-y crawling through the stuff I have bookmarked!

    I love the feeling you've captured in this. I would like to read more, but the beauty is that I have to paint the world from my own imagination. Great.

  3. Thank you, Crispian. These bits have been my head for a number of years. I've been trying to create a full novel with them but I think the short form conveys the idea better. I want to work more on Amber and her world using short snippets as a view into her world.