Sunday, December 13, 2015

8 Sentences from HAG story - 8-sentence-sunday-on-dieselpunks

"There are plenty of deer in this woods,” said David as he hung the carcass form a tree and started to dress it. “When I traveled over the area in an airship, I experienced the vastness of the forest. It expands to the uncivilized area and reaches far into it before you even see a village."

"There are airships now?" she asked.

"Not many and not for general travel. My brother, an inventor, built one of the first ones. We went traveling for a year on his airship."

“They are pretty common in my time for traveling, though I find the height is unsettling and prefer to travel by train or bicycle."


  1. I didn't notice on Dieselpunks the very subtle "are" in the last paragraph. So I take it, we are talking about time travel here? A good exchange with lots being communicated in a little package.

  2. Yes, time travel. She is from the future and has gone to the past. The story is about H.A.G. lore or the non-plot story is about a H.A.G. learning about how she wants to be in the world.