Sunday, December 6, 2015

8 Sentence Sunday December 6, 2015

I quickly grabbed these eight sentences from NaNoWriMo project. 8-sentence-sunday-on-dieselpunks

After several drinks, Olive grew tired of keeping Eli from breaking her secret to Henri and Mark. She stood on a chair, “I would like to make an announcement.”

All of the patrons and the owner turned their attention to Olive.

One of the workers said, “You have our attention and once you announce something here, it sets the gears in motion. You must do whatever you say and I’m hoping...”

Eli stood and glared at him because he was sure it was going to be a bawdy suggestion. The man hesitated and then said, “Yes, Miss your announcement.”

“I am going to Boston tomorrow and join the protest against the Academy of male inventors.”