Monday, November 30, 2015

NaNoWriMo - 50,000 Words Completed

And, now back to editing. Miss Winsome's next two novellas and Reigning Curse(a steampunk fairy tale) will be out in 2016. That's the plan.


  1. That was a stupendous final push, Alice! You deserve a BIG congrats! Am champing at the bit for all these wonderful tales to add to my library!

  2. On Sunday, I was really ready to quite. We had taken a much needed break and went on a weekend getaway. I can't do anything in the car so, driving back I stared at the snow covered scenery and thought - Damn, I have 10,000 words to write in two days. When we got home, all I wanted to do was take a nap. After a lot of lamenting and really knowing what a blow to my ego it would be if I quit, I wrote 3,348 words towards a scene of Olive participating in a protest for women to be included in an inventing acedemy. On Monday, I knew I had a good chance if I could get 2,000 words done before the day started. Then, every spare moment I would write 100 or 200 words. Yes, my day worked suffered and when I was bothered with questions, I was a bit grumpy about it.

  3. But you did it. That's the important part! I think NaNo really tests what we expect from writing and what we are willing to give :-)

  4. Wonderful Alice! Congratulations!!