Sunday, October 25, 2015

8 Sentence Sunday on Dieselpunks

This snippet is the start of things getting troublesome for Heather.
"Excuse me," said Heather, "any news about the building falling into the crevice?"
Three people replied and spoke at once.
"The hole has increased."
"No classes today."
"I am sorry to say they are starting to blame Mademoiselle Aphrodites," finished the girl by the window.
“There are rumors of other natural phenomenon have happened at other universities. They say if a building is being erected to accommodate mechanical and steam studies, the 
H.A.G.s have targeted these buildings," said the man with the newspaper.
The man in the corner who looked more like a professor than a student said, "Do not worry, Mademoiselle Aphrodite, it will all pass, rumours come and go, and they will find in the end, it is just a sinkhole created by an underwater river."

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  1. Good. I especially like 'the man in the corner'. For some reason I read it in the voice of Anthony Hopkins...