Monday, September 7, 2015

Cover Launch for Miss Winsome and Scientific Society

After a lot of trial and error and then learning a software program(Inkscape), I have my cover for Miss Winsome and the Scientific Society. My deadline for having the ebook published is September 15th. Because of technical issues, I will be launching Miss Winsome and the Scientific Society September 22, 2015.


  1. I'll be honest with you, Alice, while I quite like the background colours and the machine cogs, I can't help but feel it lacks something that represents the fantastic words you've crafted on the pages within.

    I would take out the three silhouettes and replace them with, as a suggestion, old 'print art' from a victorian journal or encyclopaedia (depending upon the style you're going for). I would also work on the fonts.

    Your author name appears a tad fuzzy with the satin/gradient effect and I would say the outline is a little on the thick side too (maybe a 1 or 1 point outline would be more aesthetically pleasing). I quite like the font style that you used for the upper tag line (A Steampunk...). I think this would work very well as a font for your author name too.

    Regarding the title, I would again consider the font, although I do like the captilisation of the letter 'M' and 'W'. The title appears a little crowded in relation to the upper tag line. I think the cover as a whole would benefit from some space between the two.

    If short pressed for time, consider changing the fonts and maybe placing the title more central on the cover. I would also consider adding a border or frame set several pixels inside the cover edge. This could perhaps reflect the steam or cogs that you have also used.

    Still, these are just my thoughts... the most important factor in all this is whether or not you are content :) Nothing else really matters!

    1. Ooops! A couple of mistakes there ;) It was meant to read as a 1 or 2 point outline. Also, I realise that the font type is the same, but I what I meant to say is that the 'tag line' font style works best compared to the thicker 'variations' of that font used for the title and author name. Sorry about that. I'll also shut up now.

    2. I understand the font corrections and I agree that your suggestions would improve the look of the lettering. I'm a little confused about the - old 'print art' from a victorian journal - are you suggesting finding figures and a geyser from them or having the silhouettes cut out from victorian print art?

    3. Yes, a bit like the 'cut-outs' they used for 'Monty Python's Flying Circus'. I just thought the silhouettes were a little flat and needed some sort of 'pop', like an 'old-fashioned' travel journal or some such. I actually really like the geyser though... the background works with the airship, cogs and trees.

      I'm not sure if Inkscape can create outlines or vector art from an image (like Illustrator), but that might help :)

  2. I tend to agree with Crispian on most points. But as a positive note, I really like the colours you're using ^_^

  3. Oh dear, Sarah, I reposted the cover after I made changes from Crispian's suggestions. This is it. I'm glad you like the colors. I could have spent months working on it, but I started it a little late towards my deadline for a book launch. Working on it put me behind on formatting my book and I've been overwhelmed with figuring out computer programs in cover design and ebook creating.