Thursday, August 27, 2015

terribleminds flash fiction challenge - Time to Create a Character

Nanna - a lovable goddess who is a champion of women

When I write Flash Fiction, I find names for the characters to give them meaning without having to create a great amount of background for the character. One of my favorite sources for character names is Norse Mythology. I wrote the 100 word flash fiction below for a terribleminds challenge(name of drink) using this method.

“Nanna?” asks Yggdrasil. A flash of orange, black, and steam zoom past her.
The blur stops. Nanna turns and peddles to Yggdrasil.
“It’s the latest bike. A small steam motor aides your own peddling. It’s fast.”
“Orange and black are a bit garish for you, Nanna.”
“The color clashes with my red riding gear, but the Screaming Viking’s only color is orange.”
“I’m wearing orange. I want a go on it.”
“Sharing and peddling produces joy. I regret; I must say no.”
Yggdrasil screams, “That wasn’t my fault.”
She kicks the dirt remembering the thrill of peddling Nanna’s last bicycle.

This weeks challenge is to create a character. I decided to expand on Nanna.

Nanna is a lovable goddess who is generous with her gifts as well as with her material possessions. All the other gods and goddess find her delightful and she is included in everything. The Norse Mythology about Nanna is she dies of grief when her husband is kill. The Nanna character in the above bit of fiction hasn’t had any tragedy befall her in her short goddess life of 120 years. Her set of rooms are always a mess. The ladies that attend her have a hard time keeping anything in order because when Nanna dresses, three or four times a day, she is a whirlwind of indecision. When she is in her rooms, she flits from one task to another. Beyond her lovability and flightiness, she is quite serious about the needs of others especially human women. Between the parties and goddess fun, she helps women overcome the suppression of overbearing men and unequal governing rules. More than one woman can thank her for her position of power.

I'm sure there are a lot of other characters being created for this challenge. Go here terribleminds to read more created characters or to join in the fun.

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