Monday, June 22, 2015

Summer Veg

While Miss Winsome and the Scientific Society is in the hands of beta readers, I am visited some other of my novels yet to edited. Here is a snippet of a story about a villiage, and abundance of zucchini, and dragons.

If this was a scary-B-movie, the music in the background would be foretelling something awful was about to happen. I walked from the office to my bicycle hoping my bicycle basket would be empty. My bicycle basket was empty when I left it this morning. The music turns into a high pitch dreadful screech to announce, four zucchinis; one very large and three average sized, peared out at me. I do not eat zucchini. This was day three of the siege of zucchinis. Looking down the line of bicycles, every one of the baskets or tag-a-long carriers contained GREEN - zucchini green.

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