Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Write a First Sentence -Voracious Slurping of Noodles

terrible minds flash-fiction-challenge-time-again-to-write-an-opening-sentence

This weeks terrible minds blog challenge is to write an opening sentence. I had one but I didn't write it down which is typical for me. My story thinking time is often the drive to some event or chore or on a long bike ride. I think of a story plot while do the chore telling myself  I will write it down when I get home. Then, life happens and sometimes days later, I try to recover lost bits. My suspicion is these lost snippets of ideas do end up in a story in someway. They may be lost for immediate recall but are not gone.

By thinking while doing menial tasks and not immediately writing ideas down, this does not equate a loss but a process. I do not have a note book beside my bed, in the car, or on me. Though most writers have read that this is the way to make sure you do not loose a golden nugget of genius, I have concluded these moments of inspiration grow and blossom lost in the recesses of grey matter. When they are written down, they die being stagnant on the paper. The golden nugget of genius needs time and space to collide with other bits of genius to grow and prosper. The primordial soup of plot twists.

Here is the sentence, I will summit. If you want to participate in the challenge or read other sentences, please use the link at the beginning of this post.

The voracious slurping of noodles was once the tiger eating the writer's hand penning a Djinn story.

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