Sunday, April 26, 2015

8 Sentence Sunday on Deiselpunks

Lord Aselbury is the villain in the second novella. All of the villains for the first three novella's appear in the scene of Miss Winsome's almost tragic fall from descending the ladder from the airship, Persephone. Here, Miss Winsome gives a "hint" at his evil nature.
“I had not seen you during the walk through of the Old Faithful Inn. It was quite tedious. I am quite please to see you now. As I wanted to ask you and it would be my honor to have you sit next to me during lunch if you so desire.”
“I am sorry that I will have to miss that opportunity, as I will be joining the scientific society for lunch.” She bent her knees in a quick curtsy and caught up with her new friends. She was relieved she had an excuse to not sit with Lord Aselbury. The guilt she felt about mocking his overuse of the word quite did not quiet the feeling that there was something sinister about Lord Aselbury.

Miss Winsome's adventures happen before the Deiselpunk time period but when I started participating on 8 Sentence Sunday the site included steampunk. The punk genre writing world is exclusive in my experience, so I have continued to enjoy this group.

Here is a link 8-sentence-sunday-on-dieselpunks if you are interested in participating or reading was great snippets.

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