Saturday, February 21, 2015

Miss Winsome and the Scientific Society - 8 sentence snippet #5

#8sunday Weekend Writing Warriors

...He pull up two hooks and attached the ladder. Miss Winsome's heart started to race with his every move and at the prospect of climbing down at such a height. Her face went white when the boy dropped the ladder through the hole. 
Her uncle's voice boomed from across the cabin
"When I traveled to India on the airship, Horus, there was no landing dock either. A similar hole was opened up, but instead of an accommodating ladder, a rope with knots tied into it at every foot was thrown down. It didn't reach the ground and as you climbed down you swung to and fro. I was Tarzan swinging in the jungle," he laugh when he finished his story.

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  1. Very visual snippet here. Miss Winsome and her uncle are something of an odd couple. Both are thoroughly adorable. And I love, love, love the airship graphic!! In fact, I want one. Along with a flappy airbike.