Saturday, January 31, 2015

8 Sentence Weekend Writing Warriors

                       Miss Winsome and the Scientific Society-a steampunk dime store novel

Yellowstone seemed magical with its crevices, meandering rivers and everywhere puffs of steam billowed from the ground. Uncle Teddy said the area they would disembark was spectacular with its geysers spewing boiling water hourly. As the airship went over a particularly deep ravine with a dramatic waterfall, the captain's voice came over the speaker.
"Below is the grand canyon of Yellowstone and its falls. The Persephone is expecting to have a landing platform built on the edge by the end of this summer. We are approximately a half an hour away from Old Faithful."
"Evelyn, you will want to be at the south side for the rest of the trip," called Mr. Roosevelt to his niece.
"Thank you, Uncle." Grabbing her bag and walking across the cabin, she took what she thought would be the best seat for the view. Unfortunately, she sat to the right of Lord Aselbury.


  1. Hmmm...wonder what the trouble is to come of being next to Lord Aselbury. Nice way to plant a little intrigue. :-)

  2. The Roosevelts? Now that is something I want to read more about.

  3. I sense she's going to end up distracted from the view... the question is, how badly?

  4. And the anticipation builds...I can't decide if Lord Aselbury is going to be a good distraction or an annoying one. Will be fun to find out! Interesting snippet!

  5. An Uncle Teddy Roosevelt and a Lord Aselbury and Yellowstone and an airship?!

    Oh, yes, more please! This has all the elements of my favorite kind of story. :)

  6. The "grand canyon of Yellowstone" through me for a minute. Is it actually called that?

    I wonder what the deal is with Lord Aselbury that makes him an unfortunate guy to sit next to. Fun eight!


      Yellowstone indeed has its own grand canyon and artist point.