Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Primordial Soup Ingredient - Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction-What is it? In encountering this genre in all different forms, I've been curious about it-How to write it? How many words constitute a Flash Fiction vs a Short Story? How is not like poetry?

My curiosity led me to delve into it without research. In the tabs above, The  234th Time, is my first Flash Fiction writing. I wrote it for a Flash Fiction prompt from the blog site terribleminds: chuck wendig which is a site I’ve enjoyed reading for a time. The prompt was to write a 1000 word Flash Fiction using someone’s sentence that was written the previous week.

And, yes, I wrote a sentence for that prompt - She banged her head on a sign, the lizard scattered and her day went to rot.
And, No, it was not chosen by another writer as their prompt.

In writing a Flash Fiction, I found other sites with similar writing Flash Fiction writing competitions. I recognize that these are great ways to lead writers to your blog and the benefit to the writer is that it leads people to your blog when you leave a link in the comments. Some of the Flash Fiction blogs encourage writers to enter with prizes for the best while others are about self promotion for all involved.

I notice an increased in traffic to my site from entering my Flash Fiction to the mix. It was also fun and encouraging, but should I continue to engage in Flash Fiction blog writing. The benefits are increase time spent writing, increased blog traffic, and discovery of the depth of writing short pieces. The downside is the time away from editing my novels and from working on critiques to receive critiques on Critique Circle. Critique Circle has also been encouraging to the writing process. I am also worried that I have too much, other than working on editing and getting my novels published, busy work distracting me.

The questions I will have to wait while the golden leaves fall and I turn my attention to NaNoWriMo. The loyalty I feel towards Nanowrimo has given me several manuscripts with which to work and I plan to use this years novellas as my first self-published books.

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